Who We Are

Volunteers of America Texas is a faith-based, nonprofit organization that lifts the most vulnerable in society out of the shadows. We step forward to help individuals find strength, healing and their full potential through services, including:

Addiction treatment, prevention and recovery programs

Affordable housing for adults with behavioral health issues

Programs for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities

With locations in more than 30 urban and rural communities, we've been making a difference for those who need the most help in Texas for more than 100 years.

From our name, you might assume our organization is staffed by volunteers. Instead, we are a volunteer organization in the most traditional sense of the word, as our founders understood it in the 1800s. In those days, "volunteer" meant that an individual is willing to step forward to serve.

Volunteers of America Texas has more than 300 professional, highly-skilled employees leading and serving in social service programs across the state, supported by generous donations of time and money from caring, concerned individuals in the communities we serve.

Our Mission

Volunteers of America Texas is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the vulnerable reach their full potential.

Our Core Values and Beliefs about Treatment

1. Shelter first. We believe that people engage in health and behavioral health care services more fully and experience better outcomes when they can rely on safe shelter or housing.

2. Innate health. We strongly believe that all people – regardless of their conditions and circumstances – embody the potential for peak health. We see it as our duty to help people clear away the barriers and impediments treat the symptoms of disease, and fill the gaps in their lives, revealing their innate health.

3. Solutions are community-based. We ascribe to the principle that when we serve and treat people in their communities -- engaging, harnessing and leveraging assets and resources within the community -- the outcomes are always better.

4. Recovery is possible. We know from experience that people living with mental health and/or substance use disorders can and will recover if they receive the most appropriate care and support services and are effectively engaged in their own recovery.

Call (817) 529-7300 or email info@voatx.org to receive more information about the services of Volunteers of America Texas.

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