Volunteers of America, Utah

Encouraging, Caring and Fostering Empowerment

Uplifting people by encouraging and supporting them to make the behavioral health changes they wish to see in their lives.

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We provide services for:

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    We offer acceptance, safety, encouragement and hope for those who struggle with addiction. Our addiction programs provide support and structure for a diverse population struggling with substance abuse as well as co-occurring mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety. A joint emphasis on prevention and treatment gives VOA-Utah a unique perspective that helps us understand and intervene effectively with substance use disorders.

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    Mental Health Disorders

    We help the most vulnerable individuals, both young and old, who suffer from mental illness and need extra support to succeed.Clients work with professionally licensed staff to learn mindfulness, which increases their confidence when making choices and decisions. Mindfulness also helps people perform daily living activities, improves social skills, and helps them better handle distress and crisis.

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    Domestic Violence

    Our Domestic Violence Treatment Program provides individual and group therapy for survivors and perpetrators of domestic violence and their children. We teach our clients to keep themselves and their family safe and healthy.

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Our Core Values and Beliefs about Treatment

Stabilization First. We help stabilize clients through detox, case management and assistance in securing ID and benefits. These are the critical first steps to obtaining help.

Housing. We embrace the notion that vulnerable clients are more easily engaged in services and experience greater success once the chaos of living on the streets has been eliminated. VOA-Utah supports several housing facilities, and provides assessments, application support and case management to help clients not only acquire housing, but succeed with it.

Counseling. VOA-Utah's Cornerstone Counseling Center offers integrated outpatient health services for mental health issues, addiction, domestic violence affecting both victims and perpetrators, and free onsite childcare.

Empowerment. We provide solutions that are community-based. We ascribe to the principle that when we serve and treat people in their communities – engaging, harnessing and leveraging assets and resources within the community – the outcomes are always better.

Recovery is possible. We know from experience that people living with mental health, trauma, and/or substance use disorders can and will recover if they receive the most appropriate care and support services, and are effectively engaged in their own recovery.