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Guided by caring and compassion, we help people build better lives.

Our programs welcome people whose behaviors have frustrated the best efforts of other caregivers. We use evidence-based programming to foster new thinking, attitudes and behaviors that lead to positive changes, independence, maturity and personal responsibility. Our goal is to help break the cycle of hospitalization and homelessness and create a path to self-realization and community engagement.

Call (207) 373-1140 or e-mail us to schedule an appointment.

Our services include:

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    Specialized Residential Treatment Programs

    In our four behavioral health residences, we provide services to adults who suffer from persistent mental illness or co-occurring conditions.

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    Community-Based Treatment Program

    Our services help adults develop and maintain the skills they need to live successfully in their own residence within the community.

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Our Core Values and Beliefs about Treatment

  1. Safe shelter enables people to achieve better outcomes.   
  2. Every person has the innate potential for peak health.
  3. The best treatment solutions are community-based.
  4. Recovery is possible with the right care and support.