Volunteers of America North Louisiana


Dignity. Commitment. Hope.

With these values, Volunteers of America pledges to provide the best care for people with mental illness and co-occurring disorders, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and housing needs across Louisiana. Since 1896, Volunteers of America has successfully served the widest diversity of people and the greatest variety of needs, always first on the front lines in our cities, towns and rural areas. Along with two other Volunteers of America affiliates in the state, Volunteers of America North Louisiana daily combines deep compassion, highly effective behavioral health programs, and an unshakable belief in each person’s innate health and strength, to achieve what many consider impossible.

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Our Services Help People With:

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    Mental Health and Co-occuring Disorders

    We provide services addressing severe and persistent mental illness and co-occurring disorders including substance abuse or dependence. Through customized case management, behavior management, and individual or group therapy, we assist clients in achieving and maintaining mental health stability to experience an increase in functioning and a reduction of harm.

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    Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities

    We provide services to persons with developmental and intellectual disabilities who require assistance with activities of daily living. Whether residing in a community group home or in their own home with personalized support services, we strive to help each individual lead a safe, healthy and meaningful life.

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    Housing Needs

    We provide affordable housing opportunities with support services for individuals and families with qualifying disabilities, chronic mental illness or adults in recovery from substance abuse. We believe in the power of housing as the foundation for life.

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Volunteers of America was the first organization in the region to provide supported housing for people with mental illness and those with developmental disabilities, and we continue to lead the way in advocating for independence. We strongly believe all people deserve the dignity of living as independently as possible, and we offer a variety of services to ensure our clients have every opportunity to fulfill their potential. 

•    Outpatient mental health counseling for adults and youth
•    Residential services for people with mental illness and disabilities
•    Day program for people with mental illness
•    Support services and case management for those who live independently
•    Home care for the elderly and people with disabilities
•    Benefits assistance
•    Homeless outreach


Established in Baton Rouge in 1921, our programs meet the most critical behavioral health challenges facing our community.  Our staff utilizes evidenced-based models of care that decrease hospitalizations and help people reach their goals of self-sufficiency.
•    Customized case management and care coordination services
•    Co-occurring disorder treatment services
•    Residential and community supports for adults with disabilities
•    Affordable housing and transitional housing 
•    Inpatient behavioral and mental health services
•    Family services
•    Day treatment services
•    Pre-vocational training
•    Supportive independent living services 


Since 1896, Volunteers of America has been helping vulnerable individuals thrive in their community. We lead the region in providing innovative behavioral-health support services for individuals with mental illness and those living with intellectual or developmental disabilities.   

•    Intensive case management and support coordination  
•    Homeless outreach 
•    Co-occurring disorders treatment
•    Outpatient counseling for children and adults
•    Crisis response intervention
•    Residential services for individuals with intellectual disabilities
•    Supported independent living for elderly and individuals with disabilities
•    Affordable housing

North Louisiana:                    318-221-8404 or mentalhealth@voanorthla.org
Greater Baton Rouge:           1-877-291-6807 or mentalhealth@voagbr.org
Greater New Orleans:           504-482-2130 or 985-674-0488 on the Northshore.