Scope and Reach

For 121 years, we have specialized in effectively treating the behavioral health problems of a wide range of populations.

These populations include groups with multiple chronic conditions as well as serious social challenges. 

For example, we provide highly effective behavioral health services to those whose multiple, chronic, often poorly-managed health conditions, such as diabetes and COPD, negatively impact their mental health.

In addition, we implement best-practice program models that effectively meet the behavioral health needs of people who lack secure housing . . . as fully two-thirds of our nation’s homeless struggle with behavioral health problems.

Our affiliates also successfully treat people re-integrating into the community from incarceration …for two-thirds of those exiting our prisons present behavioral health problems.

The good news is, since we have honed our expertise through successfully treating people often considered untreatable, you can be completely confident we will achieve optimal results with each individual we serve.