Information for Payers of Behavioral Health Services

For 121 years, treating the whole person, the whole family, and the whole community.

Welcome, payers.

As a mainstream provider of top-quality behavioral health services for all individuals in need, Volunteers of America's Behavioral Health Services offers special expertise based on our unique legacy: For over a century, we have led the nation in successfully treating the most challenging behavioral health needs of America's most underserved citizens.

Our proud history of restoring the health of the hardest-to-treat enables us to optimize the wellness of each person we serve.

Now, as millions more join the ranks of the insured, and payers take on the challenge of the formerly uninsured, you can rest assured you have the nation's most expert and experienced partner in Volunteers of America's Behavioral Health Services when it comes to successfully meeting the needs of people on the entire socioeconomic spectrum.

How do we optimize the health of each client?

As a pioneer in the integration of high-quality health care with wrap-around social services and support, we address the full range of each person's needs, including their behavioral health issues, medical, housing and employment situations. No wonder our seamless, coordinated care produces better outcomes at lower cost.

Bottom line: by partnering with Volunteers of America's Behavioral Health Services, payers get maximum benefit for resources invested. As we work together to effectively restore all people to health, we are minimizing the risk to communities, thereby improving the health and vitality of communities across America.