Information for Partners of Behavioral Health Services

For 121 years, treating the whole person, the whole family, and the whole community.

Welcome, provider-partners.

We live and work where you do – boots on the ground in communities across America. In 46 states, our affiliate behavioral health programs achieve rare success in responding to the needs of all individuals.

Our special expertise results in better outcomes.

Our unique 121-year legacy of service in restoring the health of America's hardest-to-treat populations, coupled with our pioneering and intensive use of today's best-practice model of community-based care coordination, make our behavioral health programs among the nation's most effective across all income levels.

Confidently refer to Volunteers of America's Behavioral Health Services.

Here's Why:

  1. You and your patient can expect top-quality clinical services near you. We are committed to providing each individual we treat with the finest services, as well as all the additional support necessary for them to achieve – and maintain -- optimum health. We are equally committed to providing you, our provider-partner, with continuous feedback on each patient, so that together we achieve the best outcome for each person.
  2. You and your patient gain rapid access to our treatment services. Providing each person with fast access to services reflects our organization's credo of doing whatever it takes to get an individual on the path to health as quickly and effectively as possible.
  3. You retain the patient and their information. We see referral-making as part of a mutually-reinforcing partner relationship. When you refer to us, you retain the patient as well as ownership of their information. We view our role as being a member of a multidisciplinary high-functioning team dedicated to meeting the full needs of each person. Our professionals engage in ongoing communication with each of our provider-partners, providing accurate, timely findings and recommendations concerning a patient, and sharing vital information in a law-abiding way. Our team approach includes the most thorough and well-documented follow-through as well as follow-up.
  4. You will see excellent patient outcomes. You can count on us to meet each patient's needs in a timely and verifiable way.
  5. Partnership leads to continual innovation. As we collaborate and integrate services with like-minded provider-partners, we always look for innovative ways to serve patients even better. More than any other behavioral health services provider organization, we regard each partnership as a chance to take our collective services to the next level of deeply integrated care that serves the whole person.