Our Services

Chronic Mental Illness

We provide support for over 100 individuals with mental illness in group homes and apartment settings in Alabama and Georgia.

Group Homes:

A resident manager is on site to provide the assistance and support needed by residents to live independently. Under the supervision of a Licensed Professional Counselor, our caring support staff provide quality services tailored to the specific needs of each individual.

Supported Independent Living Services:

Our eight Georgia programs are in Douglasville, Milledgeville, Reidsville, Rincon, Summerville, Thomaston, and Waycross. These programs provide 24-hour supervision, support training, and transportation for persons with chronic mental illness. Our staff are focused on providing quality services individually tailored to meet specific needs. All our programs are accredited by CARF.

For more information on services provided by Volunteers of America Southeast, please call 251-300-3500, toll free at 800-859-4431

Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities

Our residential and in-home support for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities enable people to live more independently in the community. Men and women receive services in their own homes or apartments, or in one of the many community homes or apartments managed by Volunteers of America Southeast. These services are available in Alabama and Georgia and include the following:

  • Assistance and training with daily living skills
  • Food preparation
  • Shopping
  • Budgeting
  • Accessing healthcare and other community resources
  • Development and monitoring of a person-centered plan driven by the goals and choices of the individuals receiving services

We provide 24-hour on-call nursing support to monitor health care and medication administration. Behavior support services are available for people who need positive reinforcement due to behavior challenges. People receiving residential services enjoy many leisure, social, and recreational activities which are developed based on their wishes and needs.

Volunteers of America Intellectual Disabilities Program is accredited by CQL, the Council on Quality and Leadership. To learn more about this prestigious accreditation, visit www.cql.org.

Personal Care: These services help a person perform day-to-day activities in their home and community. They enable people who live in their own homes or apartments to manage tasks such as personal finances, medical issues, self-administration of medication, meal planning and preparation, shopping, travel training, getting along with neighbors, and making good choices. Staff members meet with individuals for as many hours as are required.

Day Habilitation: Our parent, Volunteers of America, has Enrichment Centers throughout the state for individuals with intellectual disabilities. These centers offer training to increase independent living skills, self-care, communication, behavior, and interpersonal skills. People can also take classes in cooking, money management, exercise, visual arts, music, enhanced communication, and social experiences – all provided by the professional staff of VOASE.

Supported Employment: Our supported employment program assists individuals with disabilities through every stage of the employment process. Men and women are assessed to determine what types of jobs interest them; they are supported through the application and interviewing process; and they are supported by an on-site job coach.

For more information on services provided by Volunteers of America Southeast, please call 251-300-3500, toll free at 800-859-4431

Addiction Recovery

TANF Ready for Work Programs

The Pines Family Campus and Millennium Center

The Pines Family Campus and Millennium Center provide 12-month residential substance abuse treatment for women with minor children who recognize substance abuse as a barrier to obtaining and maintaining employment. The primary purpose of both programs is to assist these women in achieving total abstinence from all mood- and mind-altering substances, maintaining employment, and being successful with their children in order to avoid child displacement or foster care due to ongoing substance use.

The Millennium Center and The Pines Family Campuses offer 20 and 28 duplex apartments respectively, have on-site daycare, and offer programs for both women and children. The program is designed to provide a full spectrum of professional drug treatment counseling services in four phases, and to help women grow stronger through each phase of treatment. All women are encouraged to address the underlying issues of their use, and to get involved in community support groups. Graduates of these programs leave with a sense of accomplishment and self-sufficiency.

For more information on services provided by Volunteers of America Southeast, please call 251-300-3500, toll free at 800-859-4431.