Our Services

Mental Health and Co-occurring Disorders

Intensive Case Management and Support Coordination

Case management and support coordination programs offer an array of services focusing on the strengths of each individual, to improve quality of life, reduce/prevent hospitalization and out-of-home placements, and alleviate symptoms of mental illness.  We also help people apply for benefits.  Individual support services are delivered in the office, in clients’ homes or in the community.

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)

ACT is an effective evidence-based, outreach-oriented approach for helping people with severe and persistent mental illnesses who have avoided or not responded well to traditional outpatient mental health care and psychiatric rehabilitation services.  Using a treatment team approach, staff provides comprehensive community-based psychiatric treatment, rehabilitation and support. 

Out-of-Home Services

Our drop-in, outreach and referral services screen walk-in individuals in order to link them to appropriate behavioral health services and resources. Crisis stabilization services are also available to adults in an emergency mental health situation who do not require psychiatric hospitalization. During a brief stay, adults receive individualized help that includes one-on-one support as well as supportive counseling with an emphasis on medication compliance and management, interpersonal skills, and crisis response and prevention. 

Children and Family Services

Behavioral health services are provided for children and families in need.  These include a therapeutic group home, intensive case-management services, Homebuilders family preservation and reunification services, therapeutic foster care placement and support, and outpatient counseling.


Regularly-scheduled and ad hoc outreach services seek out and build relationships with people who are homeless, with the goal of connecting them to basic services, community resources and housing opportunities.  Connecting homeless adults with mental illness to appropriate treatment is a special focus.

HIV/AIDS individual and group therapy

Psychological and counseling services are offered to people with HIV/AIDS and a co-occurring mental health and/or a substance abuse diagnosis. Services are conducted by a mental health professional in both group therapy and individual settings.

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Residential Services

Professional staff provides 24-hour support and supervision to residents in a family-like atmosphere.  Residents collaborate with staff in developing their own plan of care and work, in order to achieve independent living and self-care skills.

Supported Independent Living Services

Direct support professionals help people with daily living skills within the family home or by helping them develop the necessary life skills to live successfully in their own home. The program empowers people with disabilities by focusing on personal choice and community participation.

Pre-Vocational Day Program

The Day Program provides education and training so program participants can attain higher levels of achievement and go on to lead increasingly productive lives.  Pre-vocational education helps people gain a skill set, earn supplemental income, achieve a level of self-sufficiency and build relationships in their community.

Affordable Housing

Permanent Affordable Housing for People with Mental Illness

Affordable housing is provided for low-income people over the age of 18, who have been diagnosed with a chronic mental illness, but who are able to live independently. Some programs also provide supportive services in addition to housing, so that individuals can continue to live independently in the community.

Short-Term Transitional Housing for People with Mental Illness

Crisis Supportive Housing provides residential care for adults who need temporary housing with supportive services following a hospitalization.   Short-term housing through HUD, paired with supportive services, gives people an opportunity to stabilize and find permanent housing. 

Affordable Housing for Adults in Recovery

Permanent housing is available for men and women who have been in recovery for six months or more. Skilled staff provides case management and mental health services in a stable environment, to encourage growth, independence and the self-confidence to rejoin the community.

North Louisiana:                    318-221-8404 or email mentalhealth@voanorthla.org
Greater Baton Rouge:           1-877-291-6807 or mentalhealth@voagbr.org
Greater New Orleans:           504-482-2130 or 985-674-0488 on the Northshore