Who We Are

With over a century of experience serving our state’s most vulnerable, Volunteers of America Louisiana is a recognized community leader in the field of behavioral health.  Through the strength of three affiliates that serve every region of the state, our evidence-based programs provide innovative and effective solutions for people coping with mental illness or living with an intellectual or developmental disability. 

We look at the whole person and address both urgent and ongoing needs, with the goal of helping people achieve their full potential and become as self-reliant as possible.  Our professional, credentialed staff is expert, dedicated and caring in providing high-quality, customized supports.  We have a high success rate of helping clients achieve sobriety, self-sufficiency, decreased use of acute care, and reduction of harm. At all times, we collaborate and partner with other organizations to ensure the best outcomes for the people we serve.

Three Louisiana affiliates meet our state’s behavioral health needs:

  • Volunteers of America Greater Baton Rouge serves a 19-parish area that includes Baton    Rouge, Lafayette and Lake Charles.
  • Volunteers of America Greater New Orleans serves a 16-parish area that includes New Orleans and the Northshore.
  • Volunteers of America North Louisiana serves a 29-parish area that includes Shreveport, Alexandria and Monroe.

Our affiliates work expertly and compassionately with individuals and families regardless of age, color, national origin, citizenship status, physical or mental disability, race, religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity.


  • Fast, efficient intake process
  • Rapid assessment and linkage to care
  • Accept public and private insurances as well as private pay

Most clients can be enrolled within 72 hours.

Greater Baton Rouge:           1-877-291-6807 or mentalhealth@voagbr.org
Greater New Orleans:           504-482-2130 or 985-674-0488 on the Northshore.
North Louisiana:                     318-221-8404 or mentalhealth@voanorthla.org

Volunteers of America is a national nonprofit human services organization that, for more than a century, has led the nation in transforming the lives of America’s most vulnerable. As pioneers of coordinated care, we work closely with community provider-partners to address the full range of each person’s needs. Every day, our army of nearly 16,000 paid professional employees in 46 states uses its unique legacy of expertise to create greater wellness for more than 2 million people, rebuilding lives and restoring hope. 


Shelter first.  We believe that people engaged in health and behavioral health care services experience better outcomes when they can rely on safe shelter and housing.

Innate health.  We believe strongly that all people – regardless of their conditions and  circumstances – embody the potential for peak health.  We see it as our duty to help people clear away the barriers and impediments, treat the symptoms of disease, and fill the gaps in their lives, revealing the innate health.

Solutions are community-based.  We ascribe to the principle that when we serve and treat people in their communities – engaging, harnessing and leveraging assets and resources within the community – the outcomes are always better.

Recovery is possible.  We know from experience that people living with mental health and/or substance use disorders can and will recover if they receive the most appropriate care and support services and are effectively engaged in their own recovery.