Easy Payment Options

Breathe a sigh of relief. You can afford the services you deserve.

Payment for our community-based behavioral health services is often covered in full by state, county or federal programs. It is also covered by many forms of health insurance. For more detailed information, here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about payment:

Question: How are services paid for if I can’t afford them?

Answer: In many possible ways. Volunteers of America's Behavioral Health Services are often covered by the government programs or by our non-profit partners, like foundations. Each state is unique, so the best thing to do is to speak with one of our local offices near you. They’ll tell you about opportunities for care and services made possible by federal, state, county and even city funding. In other cases – particularly now that the Affordable Care Act (or “Obamacare”) is the law of the land – you may discover, with our help, that you qualify for Medicaid or health insurance through your state’s health insurance exchange. While we may not be able to enroll you, we can point you in the right direction. Many of our programs are covered by Medicaid and your insurance once you’re enrolled.

The good news is that most people qualify for one or more types of financial support. What’s most important now is making your behavioral health a top priority. The first step in your path forward is to contact our local offices near you to discover how your services can be covered. Many options exist, and we hope you will take advantage of all of them. You’re worth the effort!

Question: I’m on Medicare. Can you still help me?

Answer: In many cases, yes. Each Volunteers of America Behavioral Health Services program is unique, so we encourage you to call them and learn directly from them. For you, one great path to care and services might be through our programs that include “participating” behavioral health professionals, including psychiatrists, already under contract to Medicare. Our programs around the country serve one or more of the following groups, all of which are eligible for coverage of treatment services by Medicare:

  • people with serious and persistent mental illness like bipolar disorder, major
  • depression or schizophrenia
  • people with intellectual or developmental disabilities
  • people with physical disabilities
  • frail elderly people
  • those who are eligible for Medicare and Medicaid simultaneously (dual eligible)

In the same way that your situation is personal and unique, each Volunteers of America program near you is different in terms of whom it serves and what kinds of services it offers. So don’t delay – make the call and find out how we can help you, if you or your loved one are enrolled in Medicare.

Question: Will the Affordable Care Act (ACA) cover the services I need?

Answer: The ACA (“Obamacare”) covers many new services for many millions of people across the country. Treatment for mental health and substance use disorders are among what the law calls “essential health benefits.” Volunteers of America's Behavioral Health Services is considered an essential community provider. So the answer in many cases is “Yes!”

The law considers the following treatments for mental health and substance use disorders to be “essential”:

  • inpatient hospital (mental health crisis stabilization and medical detoxification)
  • residential rehabilitation programs
  • day hospitalization or “partial” programs
  • intensive outpatient programs
  • outpatient therapy – individual and group
  • outpatient psychiatric medication management
  • rehabilitation programs where people learn new life skills

What’s more, the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, a law signed in 2008, ensures that your insurance will not limit the scope, value or duration of any of these services in stricter ways than how your medical coverage or benefits are managed.