Addiction Recovery Services


We offer substance use evaluations for adolescents and adults, to determine if the individual needs further assistance with their substance use. Walk-in assessments are available every Wednesday before 9 a.m. Assessments are also offered Monday through Friday by appointment.

Inpatient Chemical Dependency Treatment

We work with youth ages 12 to 18 years with alcohol or chemical addictions for up to 60 days.  The addiction causes a negative impact on an adolescent's physical, mental, social, vocational, intellectual, emotional and spiritual development. Our chemical dependency treatment program is integrated into the Volunteers of America, Dakotas residential program.

At our residence, we provide a developmentally-appropriate environment in which youth can internalize and practice knowledge, insight and skills. This environment ensures the best opportunity for a young person's ongoing success. The residential environment also provides youths with an opportunity to interact with peers without a treatment focus, just as they would in the community. Volunteers of America, Dakotas provides each young person with a chemical dependency counselor who develops a comprehensive treatment plan focusing on chemical dependency issues as well as behavioral or mental health issues.

New Start for Adolescents is a unique 24-hour residential treatment program that provides holistic services to pregnant and parenting adolescents between the ages of 12 to 18 who are chemically-dependent, as well as to those who don’t have a chemical dependency diagnosis.

New Start for Adolescents provides structure in a safe, staff-secured, therapeutic environment to enhance pregnancy and parenting education while getting the help they need.

The program supports adolescents in leading healthy and productive lives by helping them gain valuable insight in the following areas:

  • Chemical dependency services
  • Parenting and self-care skills
  • Health care and medical services
  • Educational options
  • Life skills education

New Start for Women program is a 24-hour residential program for chemically-dependent pregnant and parenting women and their children. New Start provides a safe, structured, therapeutic and staff-secured environment. 

New Start for Women provides holistic services for pregnant and parenting women to help them lead healthy and productive lives. Participants gain insight in the following areas:

  • Attaining their high school diploma, GED or specialized skills training
  • Learning parenting, child and self-care, independent living, and relationship skills
  • Addressing their chemical dependency, mental health or legal problems
  • Improving their employability skills
  • Accessing high-quality prenatal, postpartum and well baby care

Volunteers of America provides these comprehensive services to allow participants to gain the information and skills necessary to live a healthy, drug-free, satisfying life and to develop positive parenting practices to care for themselves and their child.

In addition to family therapy, daily phone calls and visiting hours are available, to encourage family involvement at every step of the way, from the admission process through aftercare planning.

Intensive Outpatient Chemical Dependency Treatment

Intensive outpatient services focus on providing 50 to 60 hours of intensive outpatient treatment over six to seven weeks to adolescents ages 12 to 18 and for adults 18 and up, who are harmfully involved with alcohol or other drugs. The program provides individual, group and family counseling and assists the individual in developing the skills necessary to remain substance-free and begin a recovery program.

Chemical Dependency Aftercare Program

The aftercare program focuses on providing continuing care, counseling and support to adolescents and adults who have completed a structured inpatient or outpatient treatment program.

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