Community-Based Care

Volunteers of America's Behavioral Health Services is a national leader in implementing an integrated care model.

We lead the nation in implementing community-based coordinated care that goes beyond behavioral health to address the full range of each person’s needs. Our intensive wrap-around approach provides clients with top-quality clinical services, as well as all the support they need to best manage their behavioral health.  Using an enhanced case management approach, we tie together all needed services, promoting intensive coordination and communication among our provider-partners.

Working together for best outcomes.  Our integrated care approach involves maintaining strong linkages with community agencies, connecting clients to trusted local resources, and facilitating timely access to primary care, specialty care, medications, supportive housing and transportation. We have also developed highly effective data-sharing protocols and procedures for follow-up and monitoring of cases.

In keeping with our profound commitment to our two clients – our patients and the professionals who refer to us – we are dedicated to using the following approaches that are proven to produce the best outcomes:

  • Integration and collaboration with community health partners
  • Enhanced case management and care coordination
  • Superior quality in care and service
  • Preventive strategies
  • Population health management 
  • Accountable care
  • Cost-containment strategies

The result?  Every day, as we work in highly collaborative treatment teams with community providers, we are surpassing expectations -- successfully optimizing the wellness of populations considered “hardest to treat” as well as all other individuals.